Different Uses for QR Codes

It can be challenging to design custom QR codes for different occasions. However, do not forget that you can design and create QR codes for fun and profit! Profit can be a fun benefit of using QR codes to promote your business, make a sale, or even raise funds for your favorite charity. There are many ways to incorporate the use of QR codes into a marketing plan. The advantages are your marketing does not have to be keyed either to print or digital media. QR codes offer a bridge to link both and provide immediate customer interaction and feedback. Just as with any marketing plan though, you do need to make a plan and set yourself and your business up to benefit from the use of QR codes before you share your first QR code with MR or MS Consumer.

Educate Employees and Customers

You needed to investigate the buzz surrounding these 2-dimensional barcodes before you began to catch onto the potential they have to share information in new creative ways. Now go ahead, do an informal survey of your workplace, business, or contacts, and ask how many are familiar with QR codes. According to one report, even though an estimated twenty percent of Americans use a smart phone, only six percent of smart phone users have accessed a QR code and many have not yet seen a QR code in advertising.

While making plans to use QR codes to promote your business and increase your profit potential, take time to educate both employees and customers concerning QR codes. Consider a staff meeting complete with handouts and QR code samples that you so easily made using a free code generator. Explain how easy it is to download free readers and generators and encourage your employees to design their own custom QR code. A fun staff challenge could be to see who comes up with the best unique use for a QR code or the best custom design to be included in your business newsletter.

If you send customers newsletters, include a brief article about QR codes and a source for a free QR code reader or generator along with instructions on how they can download them for their personal use. Think of your custom barcode as a paper-based hyperlink! The next logical step would be to give them an early insider’s tip in QR Code format that instructs them to watch for discount coupons or directs them to a special rate or gift once they have downloaded a scanner and scanned the QR Code within the introductory article.

How to use QR Codes in Business promotions

If you include your first QR code in a newsletter and input an offer for customers within that first code sample, you have already taken the first step to using QR codes to promote your business. How many other ways can you use a QR code design to increase your profit potential, increase brand awareness, or encourage customer interaction? Most smart phone users are action oriented. They want immediate access to useful information, discounts, and savings. If you present them with a clear call to action when they scan your business QR code, there is a good possibility they will act on it. QR codes with special time sensitive coupons or daily specials capture impulse purchases. Verizon recently saw a 200% increase in sales using a QR code promotion!

Remember, QR codes connect traditional print media and digital information for the best of both worlds. A QR code on your business card allows a point of contact as you exchange a card with a contact and at the same time increases the chance that your contacts scan your information immediately into a smart phone since there is no need to input text and information one line at a time. Include QR codes and a call to action with incentive for contacts to scan your code in any traditional marketing media you are currently using.

Why Use QR Codes in Business Promotions

Using QR codes in business promotions allows you to have fun creating new designs and campaigns. More importantly, it can be a fun new way for customer interaction and provide important feedback that enables you to provide the things they want and need put more profit in your pocket. When customers feel heard and appreciated, they will keep coming back and share your fun QR coded messages with others. Need more reasons to begin using QR codes to promote your business venture?

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